PUREfactory Naturals is an Atlanta-based body care company offering a fun approach to natural and a unique hands-free application of its signature products.

PURE Coincidence Turns to PURE Commitment
By PURE coincidence, Ceil Howle and Anna Stephens met way back when their daughters became fast friends in the fourth grade. Soon, these busy moms and businesswomen also found themselves cheerleading sponsors, managing the drama of 16 young cheerleaders for 12 long months. Surviving this, they knew they could do just about anything! They wrote a book together (but that’s another story…), and later when one of them discovered a promising little body care company in Seattle, she knew two heads were better than one. So together, in 2012, they bought and brought the company to Atlanta to rebrand, grow and flourish.

Determined not to blend in with the many “beige” natural products out there, they decided to color outside the lines and have some fun! PUREfactory packaging was inspired by the blue of the Pacific and Gulf Coasts, hot pink wild flowers, the bright pulp of a freshly-picked lime…and well, you get the idea. So enjoy the colors, savor the fragrances and be beautiful naturally.

Their PURE commitment to you: effective, natural, and always and forever 100% American made and sourced.

NO paraben or gluten

NO petroleum or other harmful chemicals


YES 100% American made and sourced

YES environmentally-conscious product and packaging

YES fabulous and fun natural